School Description

Otumoetai Primary School is a Decile 6 contributing primary school catering for the academic, social, emotional, cultural and physical needs of Y1-6 children in the Otumoetai area.

Our roll grows to approximately 580 - 600 by year end. Otumoetai Primary School was established in 1895 and continues to play an integral part in the Otumoetai community.

Our children represent a range of ethnicities and they bring a richness of diversity to our school. We recognise the very important part parents play as their children’s first teachers and for their continuing support of their children’s learning. Our school’s special qualities include: PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning), provision of a school-funded BSW (Behaviour Support Worker), adherence to Inclusive Practices and Wellbeing in Schools Survey Feedback from parents, staff and children, a focus on the importance of high quality physical education and many opportunities for children to be involved in school sports teams and activities including provision of a Sports Co-ordinator.

Otumoetai Primary School is a very well-resourced school with a strong connectedness to our local community through participation with the Otumoetai community and stakeholders.

Our Vision, Values and Motto

Our Vision for the young people of Otumoetai Primary School is that they be ‘confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.’ The basis for all our decisions is catering for the learner. Our school logo represents the oak tree situated on the corner of Otumoetai Road and Sherwood Street, which was planted when the school opened on this site. It dominates the school's grounds and buildings and is a readily identifiable object associated with Otumoetai Primary School. It represents a living and growing thing and is testimony to the care and nurture provided by the previous and present occupants of this school, the children and teachers. The stylised form of the oak tree in our school logo represents the tree’s reflection in the still waters of the harbour. This reflection is drawn as a tukutuku pattern and links both the land (whenua) and waters (moana) as sustainers of our tree of knowledge. Otumoetai has meanings associated with still or tranquil waters, or a place where the tide comes into rest.

Our Motto is ‘Work Together – Learn Together, Mahi Tahi – Ako Tahi’ and takes on real significance within a community of learners where both teachers and students are learning, where students are encouraged to be interdependent in inquiry, and where new knowledge is being constructed.

Our Values

Our motto “Work Together – Learn Together, Mahi Tahi – Ako Tahi” is embodied in our core values of Confident, Adventurous, Respectful and Encouraging.

The PB4L initiative is currently unpacking the values – this is part of the 3-5 year PB4L journey.

Confident - Manawanui Adventurous - Maia Respectful - Manaaki Encouraging – Whakamana

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are based on the New Zealand Curriculum Principles Ministry of Education, (2007) of: High Expectations Cultural Diversity Learning to Learn Coherence Treaty of Waitangi Inclusion Community Engagement Future Focus