Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


President - Lisa Kerr

Secretary - Rachel Harvey

Treasurer - Hayley Sheridan

Staff Reps – Zara McIndoe, Jill Miller, and Marcus Hughes

Email Address:


We are an vibrant and energetic group of parents that meet twice a term.


We raise money through Mufti Days, Pie Days, Movie Nights and our annual Quiz Night & Adventure Run.  All of the all money we raise goes back into the school to provide children with school excursions, school camps, and provide funds for the maintenance and upgrade of our school facilities.  These are the things that make our school so incredibly awesome.


We also work alongside the Board of Trustees to complete grants to achieve those big ticket items that our children get to benefit from.


If there is something you think your child’s classroom or the school needs, please talk to your teacher or the PTA representative and they will pass on the request if appropriate.


If you are interested in being a friend of the PTA please join the Facebook link below for updates and ways that you can support our PTA in their fun and fundraising efforts. Thanks everyone!