Steve Charman - Room 25, Library

IT Facilitator/Library Manager

Hi, I'm Steve and I've worked at OPS for several years as a teacher-aide (previously spent 10 years as a primary teacher before I saw the light and retired early).  Now I've expanded my role to include making sure that everything technological runs smoothly here at school, so the teachers and children can get the best ICT experience possible. I'm also a keen landscape and nature photographer, and I enjoy making use of my skills as the school photographer and videographer, and drone pilot (yes, we have a school drone!).  Outside of school I love to go bush in the Kaimais, get out on the water under sail or paddle, fly drones, play around with tech, and spend time with family. I played cricket in the Bay for 30-odd years and represented BOP and Hamilton, and Leeds in the UK. Tauranga born-and-bred.

PS. I'm the librarian here at OPS as well, which is great because I LOVE books!