Enrolment Process

If you have decided to apply for a place at Ōtūmoetai Primary, please follow the following process:

1. Submit the following:

  • An Application Form 
  • A photocopy of the student’s passport 
  • Certified school reports and references from the student's current school
  • Verification of address, accommodation and parents’ details 

If your child is enrolling from another school in New Zealand and is transferring to Ōtūmoetai Primary, please also submit:

  • A written letter that states that Ōtūmoetai Primary has permission to contact their previous school. (This conforms with the Privacy Act)

2. Ōtūmoetai Primary will then verify the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Address, accommodation, and parents’ details 

3. Verbal confirmation will be made by the school that a place is available at Ōtūmoetai Primary

4. The school will provide you with an invoice outlining an administration fee, registration fee, and school fees. 

5. The school will also provide you with an Offer of Place Form which you need to forward onto the Immigration Department of New Zealand with the offer of a place at Ōtūmoetai Primary. This offer is conditional upon the payment of the international student course fee

6. You will then pay the relevant administration fee, registration fee, and school fees

7. When we receive the fees, we will email an official receipt

8. Parents/students must provide additional information as requested by the Immigration Department of New Zealand to obtain a student visa

9. As soon as passports have been stamped and the student visa has been issued with the relevant details, students may complete enrolment at Ōtūmoetai Primary

10. All International Students are required to hold current medical and travel insurance. It is the responsibility of the student and/or their caregivers to ensure this insurance is in place and to provide the school with a copy of the current policy

11. If you do not arrive in New Zealand, we will refund the annual fees and all other payments made, less the administration and registration fees

Links to Documents and Forms 

Application Form

Contact Details

International Student Fees