Positive Behaviour for Learning @OPS

Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide is a long-term approach that supports schools to create a culture where positive behaviour and learning thrive. Students are taught in very specific terms what behaviours are expected of them. There is a consistent response to these behaviours across the school.

After consultation with the community, staff and children the following 'positively worded expectations' were finalised

Confident, Adventurous, Respectful, & Encouraging


How do we prevent inappropriate behaviour continuing?

Children need to be taught how to behave just like they are taught how to read and write. Some children require extra time and practice to behave in the way we would like them to at OPS. It does take time, but we are committed to ensuring all children at OPS learn how to be Confident, Adventurous, Respectful and Encouraging students. 

Teachers regularly pre correct and remind children of the school behavioural  expectations. 

Behaviour data is collected and analysed monthly. From this data lesson plans are developed to teach the children how we want them to behaviour in different settings. The children are rewarded for modelling the correct behaviour by way of House points. 


We are 'Actively Involved Learners'