Sport at Otumoetai


Sport at Otumoetai Primary

Welcome to our 2014 sports page.  

Otumoetai Primary School provides a comprehensive P.E programme to all children. Alongside the classroom P.E programme there are many opportunities for children to represent OPS in sports teams and sporting events.

Sports currently available at Otumoetai Primary School:

Terms 1 and 4

Kiwi Tag - Mon 20th Oct till Mon 8th Dec

Kiwi Tag Registration Form for Term 1 2015 Click here!

Awesome stuff teams.  Hope you enjoyed your Kiwi Tag and we see you back in term 1 2015!


Cricket - Beginning Saturday 18th October

Rotational Volleyball - Wednesday 22 Oct - Wed 10th Dec 

RKV Volleyball Registration Form for Term 1 2015 Click here!

OPS Crocodiles - 2nd in Division one with Serve, Set and Elimination!!  Enjoy moving on to 6 aside Volleyball next year at ASB Stadium.  Enjoy!!  Well done to all the other teams - such a fun way to learn volleyball :-)


Kiwi Volleyball - Friday 24th Oct - Friday 10th Dec 

Kiwi Volleyball Registration Form for Term 1 2015 Click here!

Awesome stuff Rebekah Byrne for Player of the Day this week!  Well done to Kyle Hennessey for his player of the day last week..  Well done!

OPS Greats had a fantastic game on Friday night, a great win girls.   

OPS Stars won their game tonight too! Love watching good sportsmanship & teamwork when it all clicks together!  

Player of the Day for the OPS Diamonds last week went to Hanya Hennessey and this week goes to Charlotte Robb. 

Player of the Day for OPS Stars last week went to Arabella Moore and this week goes to Jada Brott.

Wonderful to see the teams progressing with skills and teamwork! Keep up the good work!! WHOOP WHOOP :-)

  OPS Wetas   Player of the day was Sophia Gomez.  Great stuff :-)

Flippaball - Tuesday 28th Oct - Tuesday 9th Dec 

Flippaball Registration Form for Term 1 2015 Click here!

Well done teams! 

Well done to the OPS Fishies for their 3rd place!!!  Hope to see you back next year and the year 6's moving on to Waterpolo!!!

  The OPS Slashers finished a pretty tough season in 4th place in the A grade competition. Although we lost a lot of games, their attitude and commitment every game could not be questioned! The competition throughout the season was extremely tough and at times, heads could have dropped and their spirit could have easily been dented. However, it is fair to say that all our parents and the coach loved watching them play! You all brought a lot of admiration out of us for your efforts. So congratulations:  Sadie, Kapree, Casey, Ayla, Mackenzie, Benjamin, Charlotte and Oscar!

Terms 2 and 3

· Netball—Years 3—6

· Basketball—Years 1—6   

· Hockey—Years 1—6

*Fundamental skills programme for Years 1 - 3 children -  Thursday afternoons.  This term looking at T-Ball.

*  Aerobics —Years 3—6

Our Aerobics team won the Group Performance Division on Has Your School Got Talent on Mish Mash Television!!!!   

Well done to Arabella Moore, Leah Rattray, Mackenzie Triggs, Andre Treadaway, Chase Winder, Hailey Cottam, 

Tiaani Thompson,   Sara Stock, Sydney Doake, Taryn Protzman, Charlotte Webb and Zoe Frost.  A lot of hard work that paid off and being rewarded with a free trip to Kelly Tarltons in Auckland!

*  Gymnastics, Rhythm Dance Group and Gym Club also provide before and afternoon school sporting sessions.

 All children must wear an OPS sports uniform. They can be purchased from Fleur (email or hired for $5.00 per season.

New in the sports tabs 

*  Tauranga Synchronised Swimming at Baywave.  Saturdays 9-10am.  Click here for your free trial voucher. Call Ange on 5525416 for more information.

*  SWOT Analysis Results - Parent Information Tab

Upcoming Events:

Weetbix Tryathlon 2015

11th January @ Mount Manganui

Enter at

Please email if you are unsure which team your child is in or have any other questions. 

Kalan won the Nancy Hare Trophy for Top U8 swimmer.  He also broke the U8 Tga Swimming Club 25m breaststroke record!  We were very proud of him and his swimming season this year! Kalan loves his swimming!