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  Otumoetai Primary School

Homework Policy 2014


Rationale:  Learning at home is important for children to help develop organisational and self management skills and to support the learning that happens at school.




Homework is an educational hot-topic and can be a very contentious issue.  Some parents believe it is imperative for their children to have it, some believe that there is too much, some say there is too little and others do not wish to have any at all.


It is Otumoetai Primary School's Policy to have a small amount of homework each day.  We would expect all children to:



Other home learning tasks may be given at the teacher's discretion.  Parents will be encouraged to help their child to succeed by providing learning experiences at home.  Learning activity ideas and websites will be provided to all parents and will be available on the school website.


Home Fun ideas

Tui Team home fun

(Rooms 20,21,22,23)

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Kiwi team home fun

(Rooms 14,15,16,17,18)

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Kiwi Homework Guidelines.doc


Kea team home fun

(Rooms 7,8,9,10,11,12,24)

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kea cool kids homework